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Water Equipment Technologies of Florida, Inc.

An award winning AvantaPure by GE Dealer, was founded on a concept of offering Florida residents the comfort of knowing they can affordably provide their family with the highest quality water throughout their entire home. Due to concerns about the questionable quality of Florida's water, consumers are exposed to numerous companies offering a variety of water softening devices. These devices range from single media softeners available from Home Depot, Sears, and other Discount Outlets, to 2-media filtration systems, (softeners with Activated Carbon or Silver-Impregnated Carbon added to them), such as those sold by RainSoft, General Ionics, Kinetico, EcoWater, etc..Though Activated Carbon and Silver-Impregnated Carbon, an EPA registered pesticide, are both effective methods to remove some contaminants such as Chlorine, VOCs, and THMs, they are both "self-sacrificing media" requiring expensive, annual rebedding to work, a fact typically not explained during the sales presentation.

The AvantaPure by GE water treatment system, featuring the most technically advanced components in addition to it's unique 4-media filtration process, finally offers Florida families the opportunity to have the highest quality water throughout their entire home. Unlike the other companies that sell the same system throughout the country, regardless of the quality of the water they are treating, the AvantaPure by GE systems are designed and manufactured to treat the specific water conditions that exist in the region they are sold. This unique concept means that Florida families are no longer left to choose from one of the many "generically" designed 2-media systems that produce the same quality of water, regardless of the brand they choose.

Having been awarded the exclusive Florida distributor of the AvantaPure by GE water treatment systems enables us to confidently insure our customers they have purchased the finest full house water treatment system available, bar none. Take just a few moments to compare our unique system to the other systems available and we are certain you will agree. Unlike the other companies we encourage you to compare systems and the contaminants they are designed to remove.

In addition to the highest quality products, we also make available the most experienced water treatment staff ever assembled in the Florida area. Our management staff has nearly 100 years of combined experience treating Florida's unique water conditions. You can feel confident that our staff is very capable of resolving any water problem you may have, even if others have failed. Our certified service techs have been trained to service nearly every system sold in the Florida area. Please feel free to contact us and allow us the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

Pentair Residential Filtration

Pentair Residential Filtration is a joint venture between Pentair Water and General Electric.

The joint venture was created to manufacture the best residential and commercial water treatment equipment available anywhere in the world. Pentair Water has been a leader in manufacturing water treatment equipment since 1966. In forming the joint venture Pentair Residential Filtration is able to bring the years of water treatment experience of Pentair Water coupled with the leading edge technology of GE to the consumer in the form of the AvantaPure by GE.